Fascism in Priboj: “It’s Christmas, shoot the mosques”

In Priboj the city of Serbia, the outpouring of hatred and the display of fascist slogans and insults against Bosniaks by members of the Serb ethnic group continues. After the Priboj police officers scandal, individuals started writing graffiti dedicated to war criminal Ratko Mladic. 

Christmas has been celebrated with the singing a song with changes in the text in which instead of “shooting with guns” they used “shooting at mosques”.

source: Sandžaknews

This is not the first incident in this town in Serbia, just a few days ago, a video of police officers singing about making a new genocide of Bosniaks in Novi Pazar and Sjenica appeared on the Internet while they were celebrating the birth of their colleagues’ child.

Youtube: 020media

Minister of internal affairs Aleksandar Vulin called for disciplinary action against police officers who sang about the genocide of Bosniaks, but that did not calm the passions in Priboj, so some individuals continued to harass Bosniaks and write graffiti about war criminal Ratko Mladic with singing of fascist songs on the streets of Priboj during the Orthodox Christmas eve.

Emir Tutić
Novi Pazar